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Virtual Wingman to appear in Andromeda Spaceways!

As I dust off this website, remove cobwebs from the keyboard, and actually make a post here, the first in nearly two years, I can at least share the fantastic news that I have a short story coming out in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. I couldn’t be more excited. Love ASIM. One of my first short stories made it to round three there many years ago but was ultimately rejected. I’ve always had a dream to make into ASIM and now I have! So yay!

Also made it to my first con recently at World Fantasy in Baltimore. Tons of fun and can’t wait to go again. Unfortunately, next year is about as far away from me as possible in Los Angeles. Sigh.

My story Just Five Minutes is LIVE at Metaphorosis!

Very proud to see my short story live at Metaphorosis! The editor is fantastic and site has some great fiction.

Check it out here:

There’s also a one question interview on the answer to the Fermi Paradox. Where are all the aliens? My answer, most likely already dead or evolved into Q.

See it here:


My Letters coming soon to Far Orbit Anthology Series Last Outpost

My short story, My Letters, has been accepted and will be in the anthology series by Bascomb James, Far Orbit Last Outpost. This is the my first acceptance to an anthology so it’s really cool. The anthology will be out in October of 2016 and I can’t wait. Very excited to see something I wrote in such good company as the other author’s in the anthology.

Link to Bascomb’s blog:


My Short Story is Live at Typehouse!

My short story, A Marvel of Modern Science, is now live at Typehouse Literary Magazine issue #8. A million thanks to the folks at The People’s Ink for publishing my short story. The story is a bit of a mix between horror and science fiction. Do check out the folks at Typehouse! Did I mention they are in the great city of Portland Oregon? Always love visiting that city.

Link to Typehouse:

Link to the Issue 8:


Accepted in Two Different Anthologies!

So, holy smokes! Had a pretty good month for acceptances. Two of my short stories will be appearing in two different anthologies this year! How’s that for not-to-shabby? I don’t want to say which ones as the publishers haven’t released the list of author’s and I’d like to respect that until they do. But pretty exciting to be included. On the debbie downer side, haven’t written a great deal this spring due to this insane commitment I made with some local yocals to like work 40 hours a week doing computer stuff in exchange for money so I can, ya know, eat, live, provide shelter for my family, all that jazz. So, if any major publishing houses want to give me a nice big fat advance to write a book, I have like seven in some form of development (read: i’ve outlined some ideas and they seem kinda cool), so I can tell the local yocals to beat feet, that’d be just swell. Until then it’s back to the short story market mines of Rura Penthe! What? You didn’t know they also imprisoned writers and forced them to write science fiction stories? Klingon’s are a pretty imaginative people.