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Virtual Wingman to appear in Andromeda Spaceways!

As I dust off this website, remove cobwebs from the keyboard, and actually make a post here, the first in nearly two years, I can at least share the fantastic news that I have a short story coming out in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. I couldn’t be more excited. Love ASIM. One of my first short stories made it to round three there many years ago but was ultimately rejected. I’ve always had a dream to make into ASIM and now I have! So yay!

Also made it to my first con recently at World Fantasy in Baltimore. Tons of fun and can’t wait to go again. Unfortunately, next year is about as far away from me as possible in Los Angeles. Sigh.

Stupefyingly Fantastic News

Have had some great news in the last few weeks. I’ve had work accepted in both Stupefying Stories and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination! That is just amazing and I am floating on cloud nine. Also have more incredible news coming down the pipe but can’t talk about it just yet. It’s super cool, like super duper cool, like so cool it’s actually – hot. Whoa. Ok, enough of the sillies, just really excited to have my stories in two incredibly cool magazines!

Background Images

So I was looking at the blog and realized how stark and boring it is. I flipped over to Wiki Commons and looked for some old photos to throw up. Turns out all the old covers for Amazing Stories are in the public domain. I think they are all awesome and have inspired generations of future science fiction fans.

The one currently set as the background of the blog is from here: 

It was created by Frank R. Paul, a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


Happy dreaming!