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The Ups and Downs of being a Fiction Writer

In 2015, I sent out just about 285 submissions to various magazines in the hopes of being a published writer. I had four pieces accepted. Not exactly stellar results. The most gut wrenching, soul crushing, dream eating feeling I have ever felt happened in 2015 when one of my stories was short listed by Daily Science Fiction only to have DSF send me, about 50 days later, a form rejection. Rough.

I bring this up for two reasons. First, days after getting a “maybe” later from a very big professional paying market(not DSF), followed quickly by a rejection, I sent out that same short story and it was accepted by Typehouse Literary Magazine in Portland, Oregon (love that town!). So happy dance for the acceptance!

And secondly, if you happen upon this page, finding yourself down in the dumps after receiving your 281st rejection letter, then I say to you, have hope, keep your head down, write your ass off, and never stop, because response 282 might just be an very good email to receive.

Stupefyingly Fantastic News

Have had some great news in the last few weeks. I’ve had work accepted in both Stupefying Stories and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination! That is just amazing and I am floating on cloud nine. Also have more incredible news coming down the pipe but can’t talk about it just yet. It’s super cool, like super duper cool, like so cool it’s actually – hot. Whoa. Ok, enough of the sillies, just really excited to have my stories in two incredibly cool magazines!

End of Their Ways published at Fiction on the Web

One of my short stories has been accepted and published at Fiction on the Web. Very excited to see another story out there for the world to read. And of course, terrified that another story is out there for the world to read. That is to say, terrified in a very good way. Much thanks to the editors and staff at Fiction on the web. The story, End of Their Ways, is about disastrous consequences of seemingly innocent actions.

Link to my story on Fiction on the Web

Darkrise published in The J.J. Outre Review

So as an unaccepted surprise for the weekend I was greeted with an acceptance letter from The J.J. Outre review for my short story Darkrise. This is more of an odd tale where the decedents of a group of humans who punched their way through to another universe must learn to survive where the physical laws are vastly different. It’s weird.

Link to the my story at the J.J. Outre Review

Corporate Property published at Literally Stories

My first published short story, Corporate Property, hit the web on Friday at Literally Stories. Many thanks to the editors for accepting and putting it out there! I have to admit there’s a very vulnerable feeling that came with seeing something you wrote put out there for the world to see. I couldn’t help the notion  of being naked and exposed popping up as I read the comments. Thankfully, they’ve been positive.

Also have to give a shout out to the The Writers Center in Bethesda. This story was critiqued in one of their workshops. Great place and great people.

Link to Corporate Property

Link to the Writers Center