AI Art Rants
George Miller  

AI Image Creation and the future of AI Art

I’m an open book kinda guy, pun intended. If you happen to my instagram page you’ll see a ton of AI artwork. I am making it no secret that I intend on using AI image creation to help promote my book. I don’t have the pockets to create as much as I would like.

The image on this post is in fact an AI created image using Night Studio. I think the technology is wild. I do think we need checks and balances. I think we need to make sure if any AI engine is using any human artist to build their models, those human artist should get paid.

In fact, I could go one step further. Court cases are already in the works. And a message to the AI art engines out there, the artists are going to win. And win big.

So, why don’t you, the AI art engines, get ahead of the game? Reach out to human artists, tell them you want to build models off their art, pay them! Then promote that you have artist sanctioned models on your website.

I’m a futurist, a technologist, a forward thinking person. Technology isn’t going to go away. It will push us to new modes of thinking. We will change our behaviors, our industries, because technology will allow us to do things easier. Why not embrace this instead of fighting it? AI Engines created with paid artists for the models is a win-win. Now the AI engine websites will compete with each other. Exclusive access to world famous artists or even local artists that have a wild look.

This is Napster all over again. And yet, here we are with Google, Apple, and many others offering music sharing services. In ten years, even five, perhaps less, AI Art engines will either change their business models or go the way of the Dinosaur. Change, adapt, embrace technology or get swept away by it.

End of Rant.

George Allen Miller

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