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Banners, Banners, I love the Banners – Plus updates on the Sequel

I had a bunch of banners made for Eugene J. McGillicuddy’s Alien Detective Agency! Check them out below. I also have kickstarted a subreddit for Eugene. There’s a link in the top corner of this website, or just go here:

In other big news, I have completed the sequel to Eugene! Yay! It’s still a rough draft but, whew, it’s done. Phase two is beta readers, then another edit, then four more edits, probably a few rewrites, some more edits, another beta reader if I can find one, a final edit, then a final final edit, then hopefully off to the publisher where they will want at least 3 more edits. So, writing is one part creative (actually writing the book) and three hundred parts editing, revising, crying, questioning your life choices, editing, and then you’re done!

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