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Being omniscient isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For Eugene J. McGillicuddy, a private detective in Washington, D.C. in the twenty-second century, it’s an outright curse.
Earth has finally joined galactic society — as an endangered planet under the supervision of the Galactic Congress. That’s what happens when you nearly destroy your own planet though neglect. In many ways, the Earth has become the Casablanca of the Milky Way. Thousands of aliens arrive every day to visit, see the silly humans that almost blew up their world, and sometimes make a new home. 
And sometimes, those aliens need a detective to find their missing wallet or six-limbed two-headed puppy dog on a bender playing pool and poker at the local speakeasy.
But even a psychic detective can bite off more than they can chew. Especially when that psychic detective wants to keep his gift a secret. 
Soon after being offered a case from an ornery dinosaur diplomat, convergent evolution has a twisted sense of humor, and an alien ambassador with tusks, Jack McGillicuddy is kidnapped, tortured, and hunted across the galaxy by a myriad of aliens and intelligent machines the size of planets. 
Fortunately, Jack has friends. Eddie, an accidentally created sentient computer program that became self-aware calculating body positions in an ergonomic office chair, and Alice Pemberton, legitimate super-genius whose hobbies are creating wormholes, come to Jack’s aid when he needs it most.
Together, Jack and his allies must race through interdimensional cafeterias, stay one step ahead of a Galactic mystery, and somehow rescue themselves and maybe even the entire cosmos.

George Allen Miller

Eugene J. McGillicuddy's Alien Detective Agency

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