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George Miller  

UFOs in Congress

Well, that was a week. Open hearings in the United States Congress about the US government coverup of aliens. Wild. Is it true? Fabricated? A dare by military buddies to see if they’d can go to a committee hearing on live television and tell a whopper of a lie?

Beats me.

But two big things came to my mind as I watched some of the testimony. First, the “US Government” is pretty big. Like really big. Like the largest employer in the USA kinda big. Millions of people work for the Federal Government and the Military. Add in Government contractors and forgetaboutit.

My point? During the UFO hearings, and, apologies, but I still like the tern UFO, they kept saying the “US Government” has hidden spacecraft and bodies. Sorry, who? Can’t we be a bit more specific? Is it the IRS? Justice Department? Intel communities? Government Publishing Office? Library of Congress? Who exactly in the government has these alien bodies?

“Hey, George, ya dummy, it’s the military.”

Ok, fine, I’m being silly. Yes, it’s probably the Military, but why not say that instead of the US Government? There was a series of movies called the Cube movies that came out on SyFy many years ago. A great quote from that movie was something like, and I don’t remember it verbatim, “The Government is a headless directionless monster that’s filled with paper pushers and promotion seekers.” Meaning, conspiracies in an organization as large as the Federal Government and Military are pretty hard to do.

Bottom line, the US Government hasn’t done anything. Some small group within the US Government, probably the Military, has found a way to shield itself from inquiry from both the US Congress and the entire Executive branch, both branches whose job it is to direct the United States Military by budget or direct orders.

Also, and just saying, Aliens can come half way across the cosmos and get shot down by Humans? Humans? Didn’t we just evolve like a few hundred thousand years ago? Did Earth get drunk Aliens visiting us? Like, did the Scotland of Alien-land send over a drone but crashed it because they were drunk? Full disclosure, I’m 20% Scottish.

I should say, I’m just being funny. What’s that? Trying to be funny and failing? Fine. But I’m not a skeptic. Aliens are probably here. Why not? But to think the US Government or the US Military is some kind of conspiracy making genius and capable of hiding something this big…I mean…really?

The second thing I thought interesting to come out of these hearings impacts me directly as a science fiction author. If it is all true, and aliens will appear among us soon, how will that change science fiction? No one writes novels based on the scientific idea that the Earth is the center of the universe. Or that the Earth is flat. Meaning, wants we know something about how the universe works it’s no longer science fiction, it’s science fact. How will science fiction change when Aliens show up and tell us what’s going on in the universe. Will it die? Will real life become more interesting than the wildest short story? What will the best sellers be in a galaxy where we know Aliens are among us and are also possibly fans?

In completely unrelated news, I’m thinking about switching gears and write fantasy. Ahem.

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