Accepted in Two Different Anthologies!

So, holy smokes! Had a pretty good month for acceptances. Two of my short stories will be appearing in two different anthologies this year! How’s that for not-to-shabby? I don’t want to say which ones as the publishers haven’t released the list of author’s and I’d like to respect that until they do. But pretty exciting to be included. On the debbie downer side, haven’t written a great deal this spring due to this insane commitment I made with some local yocals to like work 40 hours a week doing computer stuff in exchange for money so I can, ya know, eat, live, provide shelter for my family, all that jazz. So, if any major publishing houses want to give me a nice big fat advance to write a book, I have like seven in some form of development (read: i’ve outlined some ideas and they seem kinda cool), so I can tell the local yocals to beat feet, that’d be just swell. Until then it’s back to the short story market mines of Rura Penthe! What? You didn’t know they also imprisoned writers and forced them to write science fiction stories? Klingon’s are a pretty imaginative people.

Live at Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

My short story, Who Ya Living? is live at Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. An absolutely amazing feeling! This is my first professional publication and the first that has graphics! Like, they made a picture and put it with my story! How cool is that? Getting something published by a magazine like Fantastic Stories is just incredible and is a serious boost to morale. There’s many dark days and nights as a new writer and having cracked a market this big provides a much needed source of light to the end of the tunnel. I’m fired up to dig into existing projects and even write something new!

Link to my short story:


The Ups and Downs of being a Fiction Writer

In 2015, I sent out just about 285 submissions to various magazines in the hopes of being a published writer. I had four pieces accepted. Not exactly stellar results. The most gut wrenching, soul crushing, dream eating feeling I have ever felt happened in 2015 when one of my stories was short listed by Daily Science Fiction only to have DSF send me, about 50 days later, a form rejection. Rough.

I bring this up for two reasons. First, days after getting a “maybe” later from a very big professional paying market(not DSF), followed quickly by a rejection, I sent out that same short story and it was accepted by Typehouse Literary Magazine in Portland, Oregon (love that town!). So happy dance for the acceptance!

And secondly, if you happen upon this page, finding yourself down in the dumps after receiving your 281st rejection letter, then I say to you, have hope, keep your head down, write your ass off, and never stop, because response 282 might just be an very good email to receive.

Stupefyingly Fantastic News

Have had some great news in the last few weeks. I’ve had work accepted in both Stupefying Stories and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination! That is just amazing and I am floating on cloud nine. Also have more incredible news coming down the pipe but can’t talk about it just yet. It’s super cool, like super duper cool, like so cool it’s actually – hot. Whoa. Ok, enough of the sillies, just really excited to have my stories in two incredibly cool magazines!

Background Images

So I was looking at the blog and realized how stark and boring it is. I flipped over to Wiki Commons and looked for some old photos to throw up. Turns out all the old covers for Amazing Stories are in the public domain. I think they are all awesome and have inspired generations of future science fiction fans.

The one currently set as the background of the blog is from here: 

It was created by Frank R. Paul, a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


Happy dreaming!